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Brotherly Love

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  • What is Brotherly Love?
    BROTHERLY LOVE represents the culmination of the Sporting Delaware Phantoms, 302 Lacrosse Club and Philadelphia based Brotherly Love Lacrosse Club, who share a vision that is in keeping with the rapidly changing landscape of lacrosse in the United States. Our mission represents a strategic initiative with Philadelphia and Delaware based teams to offer a competitive alternative for families desiring to supplement the community lacrosse experience. Our mission is to facilitate community-based talent and provide them with elite coaching so they can compete with any club in the country.
  • Where will Brotherly Love teams practice & play?
    The teams will train and play at a location that best mirrors the location of the players / coaching staff and in facilities that are amenable to evening practice schedules. The sites include the West Chester area – Stetson Middle School, Kelly Fields, The Chase Fieldhouse and Kirkwood Sports Complex in the Wilmington, Delaware area.
  • Can anyone play for Brotherly Love?
    Sure, it is open to all. We will have all levels, from elite teams including AA, A, and B teams. It is open to anyone interested.
  • Is Brotherly Love for all ages?
    To begin we will offer the graduating classes of 2032 and 2024 age groups for boys
  • Who will coach these teams?
    See Coaching Page Directors: Jay Motta, Keevin Galbraith, Bob Diionno
  • Where do I find tryout information?
    Social Media & Our website.
  • How do I register for tryouts?
    You can register for tryouts online through the Brotherly Love website. Tryout Registration link on the website. The fee for registration is $60 which covers the cost of registration and the tryout reversible. Registering online allows us to both prepare for expected numbers and keep you informed of any changes.
  • Should players attend all tryouts?
    It’s recommended. This gives the Brotherly Love Staff an opportunity to evaluate players on multiple occasions, in different settings, to provide a well-rounded understanding of abilities. If a player is only able to make one tryout, it is important to let the coaching staff know so they can prepare accordingly.
  • Can my child play up?
    This will be determined by the staff of BROTHERLY LOVE. We do want to maximize the playing potential of all players and we will encourage player movement in practices and games between age groups, if we believe this will benefit an individual. However, this will remain a staff decision.
  • When will teams be announced?
    The teams will be announced before August 1st. We ask families to be ready to commit if offered a roster spot. We encourage families to take pause and have a conversation with their children before attending tryouts. We are striving to be the highest level of competition in the area.
  • How many players will be on the roster?
    Teams will not exceed a 25-man roster. Our priority is player development. Our goal is to have your son optimize his talents to be at minimum a contributing member of his high school varsity and for those players with the talent and commitment play collegiately.
  • How much will BROTHERLY LOVE cost?
    As a rule of thumb general club costs are roughly 50% coaching costs and 50% fees (leagues, tournaments, refs etc). We aim to keep our costs competitive with teams within the region.
  • What Tournaments will BROTHERLY LOVE play in?
    We believe the BROTHERLY LOVE collaboration strategically allows our best players to compete in the highest lacrosse tournaments in the country. Examples Included AA tournaments A tournaments B tournaments
  • What happens if my child doesn’t make the team?
    We encourage families to find the right fit for their child when it comes to their child’s playing ability. We understand that this is sometimes more difficult for parents than for children to come to terms with. However, at days end children want to have fun when they play lacrosse, regardless of level. If this means that they are not quite ready or will ever be ready for the “highest” level but are enjoying their play, we value this as the greatest achievement. We probably speak for a lot of coaches when we speak of maintaining the importance of fun in sports as an end in itself. Keep in mind that as a member of an elite lacrosse program, you are expected to train 2x per week. Playing lacrosse or any sport at the “highest level” is a commitment that is not for everybody.
  • Is my child destined to get a college Scholarship if they make a BROTHERLY LOVE team?
    Part of our mission, and the strength of the staff is to help families understand the long-term outlook for their children. Research suggests that of those that play lacrosse, less than 3.1% of 113,702 boys high school graduates will receive any sort of scholarship to attend college (Only Division 1 offer scholarships). Most of these scholarships are partial.
  • Do you have questions?
    Contact our directors: Jay Motta Bob DiIonno Keevin Galbraith
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